Our Drivers:


Every one of our drivers goes through rigorous screening and training before they are put behind the wheels.

We make sure they are in compliance with all United States Department of Transportation laws.

Testing ---

They are mandated to undergo the U.S. Department of Transportation pre-employment drug testing and all results must be negative before the drivers are even hired. Additionally, our drivers are required to participate in our random drug and alcohol testing selection pool. This is an unannounced testing, in which the selected driver, as soon as he/she is notified, must immediately proceed to the testing site and undergo testing. Random testing results too must return as negative.

Screening ---

We are vigilant in our hiring process. We carefully screen each and every driver before they join our team.

Our recruiting and hiring managers follow an extensive screening, interviewing, and hiring process. This includes reviewing motor vehicle records, conducting background checks and reference checks, and more.

We also require drivers to undergo a road test. The drivers must pass the road test before they are allowed to go on any jobs.

Training ---

Our drivers all go through a strict training process. They are trained in important safety procedures, which include but not limited to “safe driving,” “fatigue and accidents prevention,” and “passenger safety.” These safety procedures are reviewed monthly.

All of our bus drivers are in compliance and have passed the United States Department of Transportation safety inspections.

A positive attitude, courteous manners, and good behavior are all vital components in making an excellent driver. Safety is our top priority, but making sure that our clients receive a first class experience during their trip with us is equally important.

For this reason, we enroll newly hired drivers in our New Driver’s Training Program. They are given a 3-month trial period, in which their behavior and attitude, along with their driving habits are closely monitored by our veteran drivers and supervisors to ensure that they are a good fit for our company and in line with our belief and mission --- to providing the best and safest experience for our clients.    

Our Supervisors:


Our supervisors similarly undergo extensive training to ensure the highest safety and quality of our services. All of our supervisors have completed the United States Department of Transportation Supervisor Training curriculum; taking comprehensive courses in alcohol and drug use prevention, reasonable suspicion, drug and alcohol misuse, safety, ethics, and more.

Our supervisors are professional and well versed in their fields. They oversee our drivers and make sure that they are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s regulations and rules. They work hard to ensure a safe and genial workplace for our employees. They toil endlessly to ensure that our clients have a good experience on their trips.

Our Fleet:


All of our vehicles are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation and have passed U.S. DOT inspections.

Our vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected by certified personnel.

Our mechanics undergo regular training and product update courses to make sure our vehicles are in top shape so that your ride will be the safest it can be.

A safe vehicle = A peace of mind.

We take your safety seriously.